I have been a patient of Eva's for about 4 months. I find Eva's patient approach is brilliant she in stills confidence in her knowledge of Acupuncture.  Eva is very thorough in her approach in all aspects of her practice. I can honestly say that Eva has helped me with everything  I have asked of her help.

Roger Jones

I've been seeing Eva Martinez semi-regularly for treatment for my depression and severe lower back pain. I'm very pleased with how effective her treatment has been. I have never wanted to be on anti-depressants and I really don't feel I need them as her sessions help me out in the short term, as well as working gradually toward a long term solution. My back pain is very stubborn but this is getting better also, due in part to the exercises she has proscribed as well as the treatments. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Eva Martinez as an acupuncturist to anyone requiring the support that comes from good quality physical and emotional therapy.

Alexander Taylor

Eva is a very caring and thorough therapist. Her knowledge of energy and how the body works is wonderful. I really enjoyed the acupuncture, cupping treatments and nutritional advice was accurate and intuitively compliments the healing process. Without going into detail I felt so much better and the pain was considerably less after 1 treatment. Over a period of 3 sessions, taking her advice on board, I could feel the difference and I was feeling more energetic and less fatigued coming out of the winter months. I would definitely recommend Eva for treatments.

Vinett Alvaranga

Eva has been treating me for several months for a number of different complaints. She began by treating my incontinence and this has been successful in that although I still have a slight problem when I am stressed at other times it is much reduced. As I mentioned I also suffer from stress that comes and goes. Eva’s treatment both with the acupuncture and foot and back massage has been very helpful. Recently she has been treating my blood pressure and that has benefitted from the work she has done. I go regularly to Eva, because at my age( I am over 70) little things seem to suddenly appear and Eva always know how to deal with whatever I am suffering from. She is very sympathetic but also very business like in her approach.

Margaret Jones

I came to Eva with lower back problems a couple of months ago. I'd tried a few different therapies before but nothing had really helped with the pain. I'd tried accupuncture for other issues before, with mixed results, but this time was totally different. Eva was professional, knowledgable and had a very relaxed and friendly manner and created a beautiful atmosphere in the room with soothing music, etc. After a combination of accupuncture, moxybustion and cupping, I felt great and had more energy than I had in weeks. After a couple more sessions I felt I was well on my way to recovery, with better mobility than I'd had in ages.I would recommend Eva to anyone who is in need of accupuncture, and to anyone interested in trying it out for the first time (don't worry, it doesn't hurt as much as you think!). In fact, several of my friends have already been for treatment!

Pete Doswell

I would recommend Eva, she is a lovely lady and is amazing at what she does. I went to her a few months ago with arthritis in my knees, with just one treatment I felt so much better I couldn’t believe it, I had a few more treatments and my knees are fine. She’s very caring, talks you though what’s she’s doing so you feel very relaxed with her, I would and have recommended her to my friends which she has helped as well, they were also very pleased with the treatment they received. 

Irene Jones